First Week Of School

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My first week of school went pretty well I guess. Kinda stressful, but I managed. It was nice to see my friends again and some teachers, but I didn’t really miss the whole homework situation. My classes are okay I guess. I just don’t really know how I feel about Chemistry. I think I can pass, but it will be difficult! Science and Math combined may kick my butt, but a just science class I’m pretty good at. Same as math.. I just may need a quick refresh. There are more positives as well.. I’m pretty excited to be a junior. That means only one more year. I cant wait!

My Short Story!!

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Freddy is an astronaut that flew to Outer Space to look at our galaxy and write down anything that was interesting to him. He passed the first star which was the Sun. As Freddy was trying to look at the Sun without burning his eyes he noticed that it had dark spots all on the surface. He began thinking of what it could possibly be then he realized that they were called sunspots. After he figured that out he began to see explosions of some gases on the Sun, that were known as solar flares! After he went pass the Sun he happened to glance up and he saw a huge meteor coming right at his space shuttle! So he sped up and missed it by an inch! He was so thankful that the meteor didn’t hit his space shuttle. As all that stuff passed, he saw some strange looking substance floating around in space. He was thinking and thinking of what it looked liked then he said ”milk”! Then he said that he was in a galaxy, so then that had to mean he should name it ”The Milky Way Galaxy”! Then when he got through doing all that he needed to do in space he went back home. When he arrived at his house he barged in the front door and gave his mom and dad a huge hug! Then we they all got done with there greetings they sat down on the sofa and he began to talk about what all happened up in space. He said that he saw and almost got killed by a giant meteor. Then he started talking about his creation of The Milky Way Galaxy. He explained what it looked, why he named it that, and what was all in there. After all the hours he spent talking to his parents he finally said that he had to go home and get some rest for tomorrow. They asked why he had to go and he said that he had another huge adventure that he had to do. They asked,” and what is that”? Well mom its all unknown right now actually top secret!


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Mutualism is a animal that benefits both animals.

Commensalism is a animal where there is a relationship between 2 organisms where one benefits and the other on is neutral.

Parasitism is a type of non mutual relationship between organisms  of different species where one organism benefits at the other.

Those are the important words that we have learned about in my science class.

To learn about the ecosystem and whats in it you need to study it and learn it.

Because if you don’t know much about the ecosystem and you hurt it by putting things in there that’s not safe you will hurt a lot of animals and plants……!

And we need a lot of plants and animals because for one plants give out oxygen, and animals give us food and sometimes clothing.!

So please study our ecosystem!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: